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The Jacked Frost - Beard Balm


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Product Name – The Jacked Frost

If it were up to me, I would keep this for myself.  But my Grandma said I have to share, which is B.S. because stupid Randy might get some of my Jacked Frost.  But anyway it's a Christmas miracle, or not... But it’s still cool, and speaking of cool this is some of the coolest smelling mint you will ever experience. This stuff is the key for getting you ready for the saturday night out, after the friday night from hell. Want to feel like you've got an ice rink made of peppermint and awesome on your face? Then this is for you! Want some aromatherapy helping kill that hangover, two words tea tree. Wanna tell the ladies you’re slightly domesticated, two more words vanilla. Your beard will smell so minty clean, you won't have to brush your teeth for the next month. We're not saying it's a good idea to not brush your teeth... However, if you choose to not brush them on your own accord while using this product, feel free to let us know what happens.

Size: 2oz / 60ml

Scent: Peppermint, Tea Tree, Vanilla

Scent Strength: Medium

Ingredients: Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Almond Oil, Essential Oils for Fragrance

Hold: Light/Medium

Suggested Use: Daily

Best Beard’s beard balm is the tool you always wanted, yet never knew existed.  It is designed to ensure beard perfection.  Built from the ground up with 100% all natural ingredients, and designed to provide the perfect hold without weighing down your beard, or leaving it feeling greasy.  This stuff is the perfect thing to add to your favorite Best Beard products.  This stuff  will keep your hair hydrated, while providing a nice medium hold to keep your beard styled exactly the way you wanted it.

Remember kids Best Beard’s beard balm… bet you can’t say that three times fast… Best Beard’s beard balm… Best Beard’s beard balm… Best Beard’s beard balm… hmmm… maybe there is something to this.. like a cult… no that isn’t… maybe something else… a special code of some sort… who knows?


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